WASTA Tickets

WASTA Tickets is an event guide and ticket sales platform serving the entertainment industry in Dubai and the surrounding Middle East and North Africa regions. With a fast growing market for concerts and events, WASTA Tickets aims to bring visibility for event creators and a convenient way to purchase tickets for its users.

When approached by WASTA Tickets, I was excited to work on a ticketing platform. They presented me with a low fidelity working mockup that the founders and developer had put together. They asked that I create an aesthetically pleasing UI with a premium feel. I also intended to give them an identity that would portray a sense of security and trust for the purchasers as well as a brand that can be easily adapted to other assets.

The landing page was kept simple so that the unpredictable event images can live in harmony with each other on the page. Moving away from their original 2-section layout with sign up and sponsored ad modules on the right, I found a way to integrate them into the feed to keep the elements visually connected.

I was assigned just a few pages as the rest of the site was still being developed, so I created an adaptable UI that could be used throughout the site as it was being created. Even before the future pages were being created, I needed to figure out all possible use cases and make sure that my UI elements would work. What we ended up with was a library of use cases for links, form fields, icons, buttons, active, inactive, and hover states.

Along with a UI library, I also created use cases and states for the navigation and event pages. Users needed to know when they were logged in and logged out. Event creators can easily create and edit events while also viewing them. Instead of making a completely separate form like the client presented, I created an edit page that was close to what they would view on a published page to eliminate unnecessary confusion and simplify the process. 

This new platform is a work in progress, and while I am happy with the current product, I am also excited to keep working with WASTA Tickets to improve on each and every use case as well as incorporate useful features such as a personal event calendar and the ability to choose seats from a seat map.

Product Designer, Freelance
Los Angeles, CA

UI Design