Overstock.com is an online retailer selling thousands of brand-name merchandise at discount prices. The company offers its customers an opportunity to shop for bargains conveniently, while offering its suppliers an alternative inventory distribution channel. 

I was brought in as an art director to work with a micro-team on the redesign of Overstock.com. This team was responsible for giving the site an updated look and feel and for simplifying the buying experience. I worked with UX to design comps for landing pages and oversee design for the rest of the site.

Creative Consultant
Salt Lake City, UT

Design Exploration
UI Design

Each category on Overstock.com has a dedicated landing page to organize it into subcategories. The challenge here was that a user did not have any way to discover new products, so unless they knew what they were looking for, it was not browsing friendly. I revised the UX to accommodate for a discovery feature that would be generated based on popular items or what the user has purchased before. 


Along with a way to easily discover new products, I wanted to dedicate a place for marketing content also. They were already creating curated collections on the landing page, but the category pages were lacking consumer messaging. Shown are design options for the jewelry category page. 


One of the challenges while designing these pages was the unpredictability of the images. Since Overstock.com did not have a creative photography studio, all images were product shots or photos provided by the brands. We kept the layout very clean with pops of color to distinguish between messages. The layout and colors would have to work for all subcategories, no matter how different they were. Shown are design options for the furniture category page.


Overstock also has a profile and dashboard feature for their users. The user profiles pages let people save and share lists, write recommendations and reviews, and follow influencers like interior designers. The dashboard allows the user to control the content in their profiles, track orders, and now, discover personal generated products, just like the category pages. In an effort to generate more user content, I also designed a new module for the dashboard that allows users to effortlessly rate and write reviews for their purchased products.