MakeSpace is a full-service storage company designed to take the pain out of going back and forth from a self storage facility. Make an online reservation to have a MakeSpace team member come and drop off durable, commercial grade plastic storage bins. Once packed, a photo inventory is taken, and your bins are stored in a secure facility. Need something back? Simply log on to your account and schedule a delivery.

At MakeSpace, I led user experience and design direction for mobile app and web products. I was hired to rethink and redesign the existing product. I was able to take design features to the next level and improve user experience. I communicated how my product vision would achieve business goals through wireframes, clearly documented user flows, and prototyping. Most importantly, while implementing those features, I worked towards providing continuity for users across all of our products to help with conversion and acquisition.

Design Director, Product
New York City, NY

Design / UI
Desktop, Mobile Web
Product Roadmapping
Project Management

Our goal was to simplify the experience from start to finish–from signing up to scheduling an appointment for pickup and delivery. We wanted to make the process feel effortless. Even though there are so many steps and information that needs to be gathered, we pushed to find ways to make the app do the thinking for the user. Above are a few selected wireframes, and below are screens from the iOS app.


The most valuable resource I had at MakeSpace was having the Customer Happiness team. They were in charge of all consumer questions about appointments, service, and website. I took it upon myself to develop a relationship that allowed the team to feel comfortable with informing us of customer frustrations such as how to see their upcoming appointments, how to check the status of stored stuff, and how to order their stuff back. They relayed the issues, and as a product team, we came up with direct solutions. Below are wireframes of a newly concepted dashboard that would give the users full view and control over their accounts.


The works shown above are only a few that have already been published or are currently existing.
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