As of 2015, Macy's is the largest U.S. department store company by retail sales and is the 15th-largest retailer in terms of revenue. By integrating the stores with online presence and mobile devices, they’re able to surround customers with purchase opportunities and offer the company’s complete inventory—no matter where it’s located—to everybody, everywhere, at all times.

My role as Senior Designer of Special Projects was focused on the millennial customer and making Macy’s not just your mother’s department store, but a place young people would want to shop. Working directly under the Senior VP of Creative for, I spearheaded the ideation of micro sites and site enhancements to attract Generation Y customers. In this role, I was hands on with concept, design, production, and maintenance, which then progressed into becoming a mediator between marketing, design, and development teams.

Impulse was my priority at It exists as a mini site within My role was to oversee the copy and design, gather assets, and manage the bi-weekly updates on desktop and mobile. We pushed to create new ways to reach out and attract the millennial audience while also maintaining consistency in messages that were portrayed in stores across the nation.

Senior Designer, Special Projects
New York City, NY

Concept Exploraton
Art Direction & Design
Team Management
Project Coordination

In 2012, Macy’s launched a new strategic approach to the Millennial generation, ages 13 to 30. Macy’s brought in new and fresh merchandise into Impulse, a collective of contemporary brands in store and online, and heavily geared its focus to marketing to these younger customers.


MADE Fashion Week for Impulse

In April 2013, Macy's launched the new and exclusive MADE Fashion Week for Impulse collection. Inspired by New York's MADE Fashion Week initiative, the collection combines fashion, music, art, and pop culture, reflecting the unique street-style of today's tastemakers. Keeping in step with MADE’s street credibility, fashion photographer Terry Richardson shot the launch campaign.


My role was to translate the campaign and initiative into a digital hub that housed the collaboration between Made Fashion Week and Impulse. The content included a seasonal style guide, monthly editorials of MADE’s favorite artists, writers, musicians, and designers wearing the collection, and “Day in the Life” videos that provide a look at how fashion influencers wear the collection.


American Icons

Macy’s celebrates all things American with the American Icons campaign featuring collections from American designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Levi’s. It was also celebrated with various events like Major League baseball games, pop-up drive-ins, cross-country road trips, the Got Your 6 awareness initiative, and nationwide contests such as the chance to win lunch with Martha Stewart herself.


As the senior designer of special projects, I was in charge of the initial launch of American Icons. I had launched the Brasil summer campaign the previous year and had experience in organizing the last minute and ever changing information involved with a campaign of this magnitude. I led brainstorming, design, and maintenance of the digital space that housed it. I made sure that the messaging and branding was cohesive between its online presence and marketing and everywhere else that it was apparent–on TV, in-store, and in print.


Through the American Icons campaign, Macy’s “Got Your 6 Saturday” promotion raised more than $415,000, totaling in $3.4 million to support Got Your 6 and its veteran-focused nonprofit partners, and surpassing the $3 million goal in just a few weeks. Got Your 6 is one of the newest veteran support initiatives that aims to change the conversation around America’s millions of military veterans.



The works shown above are only a selected few. For more previous projects from Macy’s, click here.