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Hi, I’m Jenn, a designer currently living in Los Angeles. I am happiest when creating useful products and putting new standards in place. I have experience in organizing teams, building design systems, and enforcing processes. 

I am a result of the talented people I’ve worked with over the course of my 11 years of experience. I have an "eagle eye" from my early days as a print designer where I worked with McDonalds, Subway, and KFC. I enjoy being in accelerated environments and was constantly exposed to this while freelancing for various New York City agencies–I still get excited when presenting and pitching concepts. I know how to digitally sell physical products from my time at Macy’s, Overstock, and Quidsi. More recently, I have found my love for building SaaS products at iHeartRadio, MakeSpace, and ChowNow. Through these experiences, I have been able to hone in on my creative/work process.

Although there may not be anything as satisfying as winning a pitch, I am currently dedicating my time to building in-house design teams. I strongly believe that design, at its core, is an interdisciplinary practice and I am eager to help companies discover a design process that works for them. My leadership style is fueled by a passion in helping designers find their voice and building their creative confidence. I strive to cultivate productive and inspiring work environments.

In my spare time, I am a cooking connoisseur, a bullet journal practitioner, and a social secretary to a pup named Pineapple.